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Living With a Smoker Like Living in a Polluted City: Study
Air-particle levels in smoking households almost 10 times higher than nonsmoking homes
>> complete story

Traffic Pollution May Be a Risk While Pregnant
Reduced lung function seen in children at age 4, study says
>> complete story

Teen Sisters Develop Ways to Measure Lung, Heart Damage
Electronic stethoscope amplifies sounds of breathing changes, thickening of heart muscle

Some Lung Patients Buy Cigarettes Along With Meds at Pharmacies: Study
To end this paradoxical practice, certain drug stores no longer sell tobacco products

Allergy to Some Metal Implants Linked to Rare Skin Cancer, Study Says
Researchers say testing patients for adverse reaction may be needed

Sudden Cardiac Death a Risk for Women Living Near Major Roads: Study
May be as big a factor as smoking, obesity and poor eating habits, research suggests

Medicines Are Biggest Culprit in Fatal Allergic Reactions: Study
Antibiotics, contrast material for scans lead the list of triggers

Docs More Likely to Prescribe Unneeded Antibiotics Later in Day: Study
They tend to 'wear down' and prescribe more as the day progresses, researchers find


Health Tip: Listen to Your Child About Food Allergies
Things kids may say when they're having an allergic reaction

Health Tip: What Causes Hives?
Most commonly, exposure to an allergen

Health Tip: Help Keep Germs at Bay
Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze