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'Tis the Season of Challenges for Those With Food Allergies
Expert gives tips on avoiding problems
>> complete story

Oxygen May Not Help Heart Attack Victims
Study ties treatment to greater heart damage, but more research urged
>> complete story

Even With a Little Weight Gain, Quitting Smoking Is Still Healthier Choice
Japanese study found that stopping the habit boosted survival, even if a few pounds were added on

Could Wine, Chocolate Help Shield Your Heart From Smog?
Researchers say air pollution's effects lessened in older men who consumed flavonoids, but more research needed

Air Pollution May Be Linked to Higher Rates of Kidney Disease
Study found other risk factors, including age and diabetes, don't fully explain variations in rates

Asthma Raises Heart Attack Risk, Research Suggests
Those who had trouble controlling condition particularly vulnerable, researchers report

Boston Marathon Bombing's Legacy of Hearing Damage
Those affected still report hearing loss and ringing in ears, researchers say

More Than One-Fifth of High School Students Smoke: CDC
Experts say more regulation could stop young Americans from picking up the deadly habit


Health Tip: Easing Baby's Nasal Congestion
Use a cool-mist humidifier

Health Tip: When to Call the Doctor About a Cold or Flu
Signs they need medical attention

Health Tip: Signs of a Yeast Diaper Rash
Call the pediatrician if you notice these symptoms